Grade 3 Grade 3

Balmoral, NSW
9.5 km (3 hrs )

I am blessed to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with its sparkling blue waters of Sydney Harbour, fringed by untouched pockets of bushland. While I have visited some of the tracks around Sydney before, there are many places that I had never explored.

On this trek, I decided to explore what was a new track for me - the walk from Taronga Zoo Wharf to The Spit. This track meanders through those pockets of bushland around the Lower North Shore and Middle Harbour, visiting such delightful places as Clifton Gardens and Balmoral with their golden sandy beaches and Georges Head, site of some of the former defences for Sydney Harbour. It was a great day out and showed me some wonderful places to which I later brought my family to enjoy.

Balmoral Beach