Hanging Rock

Cycling Cycling

Blackheath, NSW
11.0 km (2 hrs )

This would have to be one of the most spectacular views in the Blue Mountains - a narrow rock that is delicately perched high above the Grose Valley. It is definitely not one for the faint hearted, as the final approach to the lookout involves descending a narrow ridge, right on the edge of the cliff face! It is however, one of the lesser known walks so you may find (as I did) that you have the place to yourself.

The Burramoko Trail to Hanging Rock begins at the locked gates at the end of Ridgewell Road in Blackheath. The well graded fire trail slowly descends through bushland to the edge of the plateau, a distance of about 5 km. There is not much to see along the way, so cycling the trail may be a good option (I took my bike on this trail). A narrow and rough track leads up to Baltzer Lookout at the end of the trail. From the lookout, it is about 100 m or so down a narrow and steep ridge to Hanging Rock itself. You will need to take extreme care on the last section of this walk, as the track to the lookouts is very rough and follows the unfenced cliff edge. Hanging Rock is separated from the main plateau by a 0.5 m gap that is many metres deep. Judging from the many rockfalls around this area, it is strictly out of the question to climb out onto Hanging Rock.

This was a great early morning cycle / hike, with the rising sun highlighting the rock and bringing out its vivid colours. Be sure to check out the photos section!

Hanging Rock