Cox's Cave

Grade 3 Grade 3

Mount Piddington, NSW
1.7 km (1.5 hrs )

I spent an interesting day exploring the western end of the Blue Mountains in the Mount Piddington / Mount Victoria area. While not a part of the Blue Mountains National Park, the tracks here lie in a reserve that preserves the scenic beauty of this area. The track to Cox's Cave via Fairy Bower was not very well maintained when I visited, but was still passable, even if it meant scrambling over and under some fallen trees. The track to Dunns Leap and beyond was in a far worse state and should only be attempted by hikers with experience in navigation.

This area was a surprise for me. It is just as beautiful as the more popular locations in the Blue Mountains, but far less crowded. I was fortunate to have the track all to myself on this Saturday morning.

Cox's Cave