Little Zig Zag

Grade 4 Grade 4

Mount Victoria, NSW
3.4 km (2 hrs )

This was my second walk for the day, exploring the western end of the Blue Mountains near Mount Victoria. The Little Zig Zag Track and Rienits Pass was quite a challenging hike, but with stunning views of the Kanimbla Valley, a cave to explore, waterfall to see and ever changing vegetation, it was well worth the effort!

The Little Zig Zag was originally a bridle path constructed in the 1870s to provide access from the Kanimbla Valley to Mount Victoria. While it is still possible to access the valley, the circuit that I took only takes in the seventeen zig zags on the upper section of the old bridle path. Rienits Pass is named after Henry Rienits, the local school master and trustee of the reserve in the 1880s. The pass through the cool green rainforest back to the plateau is stunning, but uphill all the way. Definitely a challenge for the legs after a long day of hiking!

Little Zig Zag