Cumberland State Forest

Grade 3 Grade 3

West Pennant Hills, NSW
1.3 km (1 hr )

I had no idea that this pocket of state forest existed in suburban Sydney until I read about it in a book on bushwalks around Sydney. I spent an enjoyable morning here with my family, taking in some of the trails and having a bbq lunch. My son especially enjoyed the Sensory Trail, which encourages you to look, smell and touch as you explore the variety of plants and trees that grow in this area.

None of the trails are particularly challenging, making it a great place for children. There are lots of picnic areas to enjoy lunch, but best to arrive early if visiting on weekends as it can get busy. There is an interesting visitor's centre showcasing the work of the Forestry Corporation and the use of timber, a cafe next door and a nursery if you wish to buy some native or exotic plants for home.

Sensory Trail