Snow Gums Boardwalk

Grade 2 Grade 2

Charlotte Pass, NSW
0.4 km (0.25 hrs )

This is one of the easiest treks in the Kosciuszko National Park, and at just 0.4 km in length, there really is no excuse to not do this one! The track begins at the turning circle at Charlotte Pass and follows a boardwalk and a series of stairs to two lookouts. There are quite a number of informative signs along the way, describing the landscape, flora and fauna of the area. The track also marks the edge of the sub-alpine region with the hardy, twisted snow gums, and the alpine region (here at about 1850 m elevation) which is devoid of trees.

I did this short walk in the early morning before heading off on the Main Range Track, and although there was a lot of haze and smoke in the area (from bushfires), the views were still stunning.

Snow Gums Boardwalk