Main Range Track

Grade 4 Grade 4

Charlotte Pass, NSW
23.3 km (7 hrs )

The Main Range Track is my favourite hike in the Snowy Mountains. I would rate it as the second best walk that I have completed (after the Valley of the Winds walk in the Northern Territory).

The Main Range Track is a challenging, full day hike, visiting the glacial lakes and some of the highest peaks on mainland Australia. There is over 1,000 metres of ascent and descent along the 23 kilometres, so you will need to be fit and well prepared to be able to complete the hike. Note that as this trek is in alpine areas, the weather can change at any moment. I have experienced both hot and sunny conditions, as well as freezing rain and sleet in summer, with some people on the track succumbing to hyperthermia. The track is covered by snow in winter and even in summer, expect snow drifts to remain on sections of the track.

All that aside, I have now done this track 3 times and would readily do it again. It really is one of the best in Australia.

Main Range Track