Walpa Gorge

Grade 3 Grade 3

Kata Tjuta, NT
2.6 km (1 hr )

This stunning track is a great introduction to the spectacular Kata Tjuta (Olgas), exploring the Walpa Gorge. The narrow gorge walls soar above you and appear to close in when you venture into the gorge. The shady gorge with a stream flowing though it provide a refuge for animals and plants from the harsh desert that surrounds this location.

I combined this short walk with the longer Valley of the Winds walk (7.2 km). Each walk is spectacular in its own right, but if you are pressed for time, then the Walpa Gorge is the one that should not be missed. The track is relatively flat and easy, and there is shade to be had in the gorge. Definitely a track that I would do again!

Walpa Gorge