Lennox Bridge

Grade 4 Grade 4

Glenbrook, NSW
2.0 km (1 hr )

Lennox Bridge is the oldest stone bridge on the Australian mainland. Constructed in 1833 using convict labour, the bridge still carries traffic to this day (although it is mainly tourists who use the one way Mitchells Pass these days). The sandstone bridge is an impressive feat of engineering and piece of early colonial history.

I was not so impressed with the walk to Marges Lookout. This spur of the moment decision to visit the lookout would have gone better if I had a decent map of the area! The track to the lookout was not marked and I ended up following unmarked tracks and mountain bike paths that criss-cross the hill, hoping I would eventually stumble on the right track! When I eventually reached Marges Lookout (after much wandering and back tracking), the views were not very noteworthy. I would recommend skipping the walk. The bridge is definitely the highlight!

Lennox Bridge