Gold Seekers Track

Grade 3 Grade 3

Mt Selwyn, NSW
3.0 km (1 hr )

The Gold Seekers Track is a short walk in the Mt Selwyn area that explores the history of the former Kiandra goldfields, as well as providing information about the flora and fauna of the area. The track is marked by tall marker poles and orange arrows, used to guide cross country skiers and snow shoe walkers when the area is covered by snow in winter. There are numerous interpretive signs along the walk, as well as the relics of the gold mining days (1860 - 1930), including a stamper battery and the rusting remains of a car.

The area comes alive in spring and summer with masses of wildflowers. Amongst others that I had seen on my previous walks, there were a lot of bright yellow Billy Buttons growing on the edges of the frost hollow. The track made for a nice enough stroll on the morning I was there, but nothing too special.

Gold stamper battery