New Chum Hill

Grade 4 Grade 4

Kiandra, NSW
1.3 km (1 hr )

This yet to be developed track follows the proposed New Chum Heritage Trail. Although there are site markers (11 in total) and directional arrows along the track, there is no defined trail and sections involve scrambling over rocks, through bushes and former dams that can be wet and muddy. Not a track for the faint hearted, but fascinating if you are interested in the gold mining history of Kiandra. The link below has a number of historic photos and videos from an archaeologist describing the main features on the trek.

At the time I completed the trek, there were no interpretive signs, so a visit to the flikr web site (link below) was quite insightful in describing what I saw along the way. I missed a few features - maybe for next time!

Gold stamper battery, New Chum Hill