Clarke Gorge

Grade 5 Grade 5

Blue Waterholes, NSW
4.5 km (2 hrs )

Located adjacent to the Blue Waterhole is Clarke Gorge. This narrow limestone gorge is quite impressive to see, with the blue-green waters of Cave Creek flowing through it. There are a number of waterholes in the gorge where swimming is possible in the clear, cold water. A 2 kilometre trek east through the gorge into the Bimberi Wilderness leads to Cave Creek Falls - a 15 m high plunge into the valley below the falls. The track is moderately difficult and involves rock scrambling along narrow ledges in Clarke Gorge, as well as multiple creek crossings. While the track is not signposted beyond the entrance to Clarke Gorge, there is a distinct track to follow.

The Blue Waterholes karst region is full of caves - you can see some entrances to these caves along this track. If you are interested in visiting some caves, the track through Nicole Gorge features two caves for which you do not require a permit to explore - Cooleman Cave and Murray Cave. I visited both of these caves on a previous walk in 2018.

Blue Waterhole