Homestead Creek Walk

Grade 5 Grade 5

Mutawintji NP, NSW
5.0 km (2 hrs )

This national park is an oasis in an arid landscape, featuring rocky outcrops that have been home to Aboriginals for thousands of years. The track that I explored follows the usually dry river bed of Homestead Creek, visiting a cave featuring Aboriginal paintings and Homestead Gorge which has a number of Aboriginal petroglyphs (rock engravings). There are a number of options to extend this track, some of which I explored on a previous visit to this interesting part of New South Wales.

This is a remote area, with access limited to dry weather dirt roads. Camping is available nearby, with the luxury of hot showers, and there is a picnic area at the start of the track. The area can be very hot in summer (close to 40 degrees Celsius when I visited), so exploring during the cooler parts of the day or year are recommended.

Homestead Creek