Bullocks Hill Trail

High range High range

Kosciuszko NP, NSW
11.6 km (1 hr )

This short 4WD, dry weather trail heads east from the Snowy Mountains Highway to reach Tantangara Creek, close to where it joins with the Murrumbidgee River. There is no 4WD access beyond the creek, as Bullock Hill Trail becomes a management trail beyond the locked gate.

This is one of the few remaining 4WD accessible trails in the Snowy Mountains, so of course I had to explore it. Scenery is similar to that of the nearby Long Plain - a naturally treeless alpine plain, although not as flat! Tantangara Creek was shallow at the crossing point, and unfortunately I did not explore the area further as there was much to cover on this day in the Snowy Mountains.

Bullocks Hill Trail