Kiandra Heritage Trail

Grade 3 Grade 3

Kiandra, NSW
1.4 km (1 hr )

Kiandra was the site of Australia's shortest gold rushes, with 10,000 men arriving in 1860 in their search for gold. The harsh winter saw that number drop dramatically, and by 1861 the rush was over.

This trek explores the remains of the former gold mining town, visiting the sites of the government buildings, stores, church, school house, hotels and Australia's first ski run. Skiing in Australia is said to have first begun in Kiandra in 1860, introduced by miners from Norway. I had an interesting morning reading the many interpretive signs with their historic photos which really made the site come alive. There are only a few building remaining, most being demolished or removed in the 1970's when the area was incorporated into Kosciuszko National Park.

You can also visit the site of the nearby mining operations, about 1.5 kilometres to the north at New Chum Hill.

Kiandra Heritage Trail