Mt Poole

Grade 4 Grade 4

Milparinka, NSW
1.7 km (1 hr )

Charles Sturt was one of the early European explorers who led an expedition in 1844 to search for an inland sea in central Australia. Becoming stranded near the present day site of Milparinka due to the extreme heat of summer, Sturt and his party stayed for several months near the one reliable waterhole. In order to keep his men occupied, Sturt had them construct a cairn on top of Mount Poole which remains to this present day. It was during this time that James Poole (Sturt's second in command) became ill from scurvy, later dying. Poole was buried beneath a beefwood tree. His initials and the year 1845 were carved into the bark.

Access to Mount Poole and the grave site is via rough (4WD) roads from Milparinka. There is a short walk uphill to view the cairn on Mount Poole. The summit also provides extensive views overlooking the surrounding plains.

Mt Poole