Nepean River Walking Track

Grade 3 Grade 3

Glenbrook, NSW
2.7 km (1 hr )

This short but challenging walk takes you from the former Aboriginal campgrounds at Euroka Clearing to the banks of the Nepean River. From the grassy campgrounds, the track heads east through a narrow canyon where the canyon walls create a rainforest environment, complete with ferns and towering lilli-pilli and coachwood trees. The track then descends steeply into Fairlight Gorge before arriving at a sandy beach on the Nepean River. Climbing back out of the gorge, the track then circles back to Euroka Clearing via Bennetts Ridge Trail.

It was interesting to see this stretch of the Nepean River from the shore (my last time here was on my kayak), and the grassy campgrounds at Euroka Clearing were nice and green after all of the recent rains. Lots of facilities here, making for a nice place for me to have my lunch after a day of hard walking!

Darug Campground