Prospect Creek

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Georges Hall, NSW
12.5 km (3 hrs )

Prospect Creek flows from Prospect Reservoir in Sydney's west to Georges River, a distance of some 26 km. On this beautiful Saturday morning, I explored the lower portion of the creek, from Georges River to Carramar Bridge. Although the creek is tidal, being so far from the sea, the effects are not as pronounced as along the Georges River.

For an urban creek, Prospect Creek is actually quite nice, for the most part surrounded by parks and reserves. Mangroves and casuarinas (river she-oaks) border the banks of the creek which abounds with birds. I saw cockatoos, kookaburras, sacred ibis, ducks and dusky moorhens on my journey up the creek. It was also very quiet on the creek - not a single boat in sight, unlike the nearby busy Georges River. The only disappointing thing was the vast amount of rubbish in the creek. So sad to see such a beautiful place spoiled by discarded plastic bags and bottles.

One interesting feature to keep an eye out for is the historic Lansdowne Bridge. The 110 ft single span sandstone bridge built by convicts during 1834 to 1836 to the design of David Lennox is said to be one of the finest examples of Colonial Architecture in Australia.

Prospect Creek