Blue Gum Swamp

Grade 3 Grade 3

Winmalee, NSW
13.0 km (3 hrs )

Blue Gum Swamp features some of the last remaining blue gums in the lower Blue Mountains. These magnificent trees grow up to 50 metres in height in this secluded valley and are a haven for birds. I thoroughly enjoyed my hike through the forest of blue gums where the forest floor was carpeted with ferns. It made me appreciate just what a wonderful Creator we have!

The climb up Bees Nest Hill to Grose Head South was worth the hour detour, with some magnificent views across the lower Grose Valley. When I return for another visit, I will skip the Shaws Ridge Track and backtrack through the Blue Gum Swamp. Shaw's Ridge Track was not particularly interesting as evidenced by my photos - I took about ten times as many photos in Blue Gum Swamp!

Blue Gum Swamp