White Rock

Grade 3 Grade 3

Upper Allyn, NSW
0.6 km (0.5 hrs )

White Rock is a childhood favourite of mine. This was the first place I went camping as a five year old, and I have been back many times since. White Rock Camping Area features a nice grassed (and now gravel) area, large enough for quite a large number of tents. There are also some natural composting toilets. The campsite is on the banks of Allyn River, and this track features two of the river's swimming holes. Both are shallow, so for places you can actually swim at, either head downstream to Lady's Well - a large, deep waterhole on the Allyn River, or cross over to the Williams River, which has larger swimming holes at Crystal Pool or Rocky Crossing.

The first swimming hole is accessed by following the old river channel adjacent to the current river. It appears that some time in the past (before I came here almost 40 years ago) the river has changed course. Follow this old channel to the end to emerge at a waist deep waterhole.

The second swimming hole is at White Rock. This is best accessed from the eastern end of the camp site. Follow the narrow track through the forest, cross the old river bed to emerge onto a large, white rock platform. There is a small waterfall and a swimming hole here.

Allyn River