Burraga Swamp

Grade 4 Grade 4

Mount Allyn, NSW
2.0 km (0.5 hrs )

The remote Burraga Swamp is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Barrington Tops National Park. The short walk through the forest of Antarctic Beech, ferns and tree ferns heads up a gentle slope before ending at the southern edge of a hanging swamp. This small clear area of grass and sedges is in stark contrast to the surrounding tall forest of trees.

The track to Burraga Swamp can at times be indistinct and difficult to follow, with few directional markers. The best guide I found was looking out for fallen trees which have been cut to allow the track to pass through. This walk was a highlight of my visit to Barrington Tops, and the enchanting beauty of the rainforest kept my camera busy!

Burraga Swamp