Jerusalem Creek

Grade 4 Grade 4

Chichester State Forest, NSW
0.5 km (0.5 hrs )

Jerusalem Creek is in the eastern section of Barrington Tops National Park, bordering Chichester State Forest. The 2 kilometre Jerusalem Creek Trail begins at the picnic area and heads downhill along Jerusalem Creek through a section of subtropical rainforest, with lookouts over the creek and falls. If you are pressed for time, you can do the shorter, easy walk to the lookout over the falls.

There are a number of camping spots in the adjacent Chichester State Forest, with Telegherry Camping Area being the closest to Jerusalem Creek. The state forest is just as nice as the national park, and also features a number of walks, forest roads and 4WD tracks to explore. On this, the first weekend of COVID-19 restrictions being relaxed, the campground proved to be very popular, with more than 30 families camping here on the Friday night. I am sure there were even more on the weekend!

Telegherry Camping Area