Hidden Treasure Mine

Grade 3 Grade 3

Copeland, NSW
3.5 km (1.5 hrs )

The track to the Hidden Treasure Mine explores the historic gold mining area of Copeland Tops. Gold was discovered here in 1876 and the 800 miners in the ensuing rush stripped the hills bare in their search for this treasure. More than 50 mines dot the area, with two of the highest yielding mines (Mountain Maid and Hidden Treasure) accessible on this trek (Mountain Maid by guided tour only). Since the decline of the mines, the unique dry rainforest has made a remarkable comeback, with plenty of young trees, birds nest ferns and vines dotting the hills. Look out for the occasional strangler fig and red cedar tree that survived the logging.

The track is fairly easy to negotiate, in most part following the old roads and tracks that were cut to access the mines. Numerous information boards provide an insight into the history and the area's unique vegetation. The boiler for the Criterion battery (used to crush the gold bearing quartz ore) is one of the more visible relics that can be seen on the walk, as is the mine entrance, now home to micro bats.

Hidden Treasure Mine