Great North Road

Grade 3 Grade 3

Wisemans Ferry, NSW
2.5 km (1 hr )

The Great North Road was built by convicts between 1825 and 1836 to connect Sydney with the fertile Hunter Valley to the north. Much of the 260 kilometres of the road has been absorbed into urban and rural roads, but some original preserved sections remain, the best of which can be seen at Devines Hill near Wisemans Ferry. This section of The Great North Road features some of the most impressive engineering details of the road, including gutters, culverts and drains, embankment walls and hand cut stones. The National Parks and Wildlife Service who administer the site have done a remarkable job in making the history of the place come alive with details of the road and the individuals who worked on it.

The section to Hangman's Rock that I did is part of the longer loop walk to Finches Line that I hope to do one day.

Great North Road