Lane Cove NP

Grade 3 Grade 3

Thornleigh, NSW
17.0 km (5 hrs )

The 250 km long Great North Walk takes you from Macquarie Place in Sydney north to Queens Wharf in Newcastle. The bicentennial project allows for some great bushwalking in the heart of Sydney and beyond. This was my second instalment of the Great North Walk. Search for the Great North Walk in the gallery for other sections that I have done.

This section of the Great North Walk traverses the Lane Cove Valley between Thornleigh and Roseville in Sydney's northern suburbs. The valley features a variety of vegetation, including sub-tropical rainforest near Thornleigh through to the drier bush of the sandstone escarpments above the Lane Cove River near Macquarie Park. My favourite section was the rainforest at Lorna Pass near Thornleigh. The magnificent fern trees were some of the tallest that I have ever seen.

This was one of my longer walks, but being mostly level, was not too difficult. It was a nice day out, enjoying the beauty of the bush in the heart of the city.

Lorna Pass