Tin Mines Trail

High range High range

Woomargama NP, NSW
26.7 km (2 hrs )

Woomargama National Park is located approximately 60 km north east of Albury. This remote alpine park requires a 4WD to access the park beyond the Tunnel Road picnic area at the park's entrance. Getting to the National Park was an adventure in itself for me, since my GPS failed to recognise the entrance at Tunnel Road and instead directed me to the forestry trails on the western side of the National Park. These forestry roads eventually led me to the start / end of the Tin Mines Trail, but access was prohibited due to the trail being closed following bushfires.

I eventually made my way the entrance of Woomargama National Park at Tunnel Road where I took Tin Mines Trail to try to get to my campsite at Tin Mines. Unfortunately, due to a very muddy and steep track, I decided that I would not go beyond North's Lookout, instead opting to spend the night at the Samual Bollard Campground. This was a nice secluded campsite, close to the Hume and Hovell walking track.

Tin Miles Trail was a relatively easy 4WD track up to North's Lookout, although there were sections with rocky steps and some mud. The track appeared to get steeper past the lookout, with a lot of muddy sections. The track is being upgraded in 2024 and may be in better condition the next time I visit.

Tin Mines Trail