Adelong Falls Gold Mill Ruins

Grade 3 Grade 3

Adelong, NSW
4.0 km (2 hrs )

The Adelong Goldfield located near the Snowy Mountains was among the earliest reef mining localities in Australia. Payable alluvial gold was discovered in 1852 and gold mineralised in reefs in 1857. The fields had a number of mines and extensive ore crushing and processing facilities over a productive life of nearly 100 years. The walk visits some of the key ruins including the buddle, quartz crushing mill, water wheel, furnace and numerous offices and homes. I also took the walk along the Miner's Trail on the northern side of Adelong Creek, before returning via the path on the southern side of the creek.

The numerous information signs bring the site to life and I had a fascinating time exploring this piece of Australia's history.

Adelong Falls Gold Mill Ruins