Illawong Walk

Snowshoe Snowshoe

Guthega, NSW
6.2 km (2 hrs )

Revisiting the Illawong Walk in winter was special. The track which follows the Snowy Mountains River from Guthega is snow bound in winter, and while not marked, it proved to be very popular with snowshoers and cross country skiers, so I was able to follow in the footsteps of those who had gone on before me.

The track begins in Guthega, and it was a good thing that I arrived very early in the morning, as the carpark was full when I returned. The start of the track is clearly marked, and the first section to Blue Cow Creek was straightforward, as was the section through the snow gums, high above the Snowy River. It was once I was out on the open plain that it got a little tricky, as I had to pick the correct footprints to follow! The return journey is where I deviated from the main track, necessitating in some clambering down the hillside as I had followed the wrong tracks!

The track officially ends at the Illawong Lodge and suspension bridge. From here it is possible to continue on to Mount Kosciuszko, but on no defined tracks. It was a great morning walk and the photos of the ice covered river and hills blanketed in snow were very nice.

Snowy River