Lake Parramatta

Grade 3 Grade 3

Parramatta, NSW
4.2 km (1.25 hrs )

Lake Parramatta Reserve is 75 hectares of bushland that surrounds Lake Parramatta. The native vegetation was retained to protect the water quality in the lake which provided Parramatta’s water supply until 1909. It is now one of the most significant and beautiful bushland remnants in western Sydney.

There are 3 short walks in Lake Parramatta Reserve, the longest of which is the Lake Circuit. This 4 kilometre walk follows the shorelines of the lake through native bushland. On my visit in early November, there were a number of wildflowers that were blooming, providing a wonderful honey fragrance. The walk is well marked and easy to follow and the facilities near the entrance to the reserve are great for a picnic.

Lake Parramatta