Lockleys Pylon

Grade 4 Grade 4

Leura, NSW
7.2 km (2 hrs )

This track takes you out to Lockleys Pylon, a small outcrop overlooking the magnificent Grose Valley and named after J.G. Lockley, a journalist who supported conservation efforts to save the Blue Gum Forest from logging in the 1930s. The track continues on as Shortridge Pass, a popular descent into the Grose Valley and on to Blue Gum Forest.

While the Grose Valley was closed at the time of my visit following the devastating summer bushfires, the vegetation is beginning to recover, with lots of new shoots and regrowth beginning to appear. The somewhat blackened landscape in no way detracted from the magnificent views over the Grose Valley, making this one memorable walk and very popular too!

Shortridge Pass