Karloo Pool

Grade 5 Grade 5

Heathcote, NSW
7.0 km (2 hrs )

This short but challenging track explores the less visited western section of the Royal National Park. Beginning at Heathcote Station, the track descends from Bottle Forest to Kangaroo Creek, then follows the banks of the creek to Karloo Pool, a popular swimming hole, before ascending once again back to Heathcote. Note that the section along Kangaroo Creek is indistinct and best travelled in a clockwise direction, since this is both easier to navigate and is far easier on the legs to use Karloo Track for the ascent!

I enjoyed the walk through Bottle Forest, with its many wildflowers including some early waratahs that were in bloom. The rest of the walk is OK, but I think that there are nicer places to visit in the Royal National Park.