Hermit's Cave

Grade 3 Grade 3

Griffith, NSW
1.1 km (1 hr )

This short walk explores the complex of shelters and terraces built and used by Valerio Ricetti, an Italian immigrant who became a recluse and lived as a hermit above the town of Griffith from 1929 to 1952. For 23 years, Ricetti built a complex of enclosed rocky outcrops, walk ways, gardens and terraces, as well as growing his own crops, fashioning a shrine and engraving inscriptions in the rocks.

There are numerous interpretive signs along the walk outlining the history of the Hermit's Caves as well as photos of how Ricetti lived. The path to the Chapel and Main Cave is easy, but if continuing along the heritage trail loop, be prepared for some scrambling up the rocky hill in the section just past the gardens.

I very much enjoyed this insight into the life of Ricetti and his industry in transforming this section of Scenic Hill into his home. The link below provides more details about the location.