Ben Halls Cave

Grade 4 Grade 4

Weddin Mountains, NSW
1.0 km (0.5 hrs )

This short track takes you up into the Weddin Mountains to a rocky overhang said to have been used by the bushranger Ben Hall and his gang. Over 100 robberies are attributed to Ben Hall and his associates during the period 1863 to 1865, making them some of the most prolific bushrangers of the day. These included the holding up of several villages, dozens of mail coach robberies and the regular theft of prized racehorses. It is very much possible this cave with it's sweeping views of the surrounding farmland was used by Ben Hall.

The track is not difficult although there are a number of stairs you will need to climb to reach the cave. There are also a number of other walks that begin from the nearby campground which I would look forward to doing on another visit to the Weddin Mountains.

Ben Halls Cave