Georges River

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Georges River NP, NSW
23.0 km (5 hrs )

It was a beautiful Saturday that I had to explore another stretch of the Georges River in Sydney's south. This time I headed east from Revesby Beach in Georges River National Park to Jewfish Point Reserve, a place that I had previously visited when coming down Woronora River. With the tide working for me, it took just over an hour to cover the 7.5 km to reach the reserve.

Heading back upstream, I took the opportunity to explore some of the tributaries, including Boggywell Creek and Salt Pan Creek. With a low tide, I was limited as to how far I could paddle up each of the creeks, but I persisted until I bottomed out on Boggywell Creek, and turned back at the pipeline over Salt Pan Creek to call it a day.

As always, it was great to be out on the water, especially early in the morning where I had the river to myself.

Boggywell Creek