Six Foot Track

Grade 5 Grade 5

Katoomba, NSW
9.0 km (3.5 hrs )

I returned to Devils Hole in the Blue Mountains in order to do the alternate option on this track - the descent into Megalong Valley. This unmarked track was challenging to follow, with the track becoming indistinct in a number of places, including one where I lost the track completely due to some fallen trees that had obscured the track! Thankfully, backtracking and moving in ever wider circles allowed me to pick up the track again.

Exiting on to Water Board Road, it was then an easy walk to the famous Six Foot Track, an epic hiking trail that links Katoomba with Jenolan Caves. The small section that I did through Nellies Glen was spectacular, even if ascending 300 metres on the stairs was challenging! A short walk on the Cliff Track brought me back to my car, a little tired, but having thoroughly enjoyed the hike.

Six Foot Track