Lawn Hill Gorge

Kayaking Kayaking

Boodjamulla NP, QLD
6.0 km (2 hrs )

Lawn Hill Gorge is one of those truly special places to visit. An oasis in the desert, this beautiful gorge though which the Lawn Hill Creek has carved a path is best explored by canoe, although there are a number of walks nearby which I also did and would highly recommend. Canoes may be hired from the nearby Wugudaji Adels Grove (paddle and lifejackets - the canoes were kept near the camping area and were on a first come basis).

The Middle Gorge (starting point), Indarri Falls and the Upper Gorge may all be visited. Note that the Lower Gorge is off limits. There is much to see along the way and paddling beneath red cliffs that soar upwards from the creek is amazing. You can also swim in the creek, and my group very much enjoyed our swim at Indarri Falls.

Lawn Hill Gorge