Haslams Creek

Grade 2 Grade 2

Sydney Olympic Park, NSW
6.0 km (1.5 hrs )

With covid restrictions still in place in Sydney, exploring my local area was my only option for the beautiful Saturday morning's exercise. Thankfully the Sydney Olympic Park is within walking distance from my home and the opportunity to visit a new place on the banks of Haslams Creek beckoned.

After the walk from my house to Sydney Olympic park, I began this hike at Haslams Marker. This is one of five elevated spots in the Sydney Olympic Park that provides some fine views of the surrounding area. From Haslams Marker I made my way north to The Pyramid, before continuing to Kronos Hill. After crossing Haslams Creek, I headed back along the wetlands along the banks of Haslams Creek. This was a haven for birds and I spotted quite a number of different species along my walk.

It was great to get outdoors again and enjoy the fresh air. This walk can also be done by bike, and there are quite a number of other places to explore nearby as well.

Haslams Creek