Cape Banks

Grade 3 Grade 3

La Perouse, NSW
10.0 km (2.5 hrs )

The Cape Banks walking track explores the dramatic coastline north of Botany Bay. Beginning at La Perouse, site of the French exploration party's landing in 1788, the first section of the track to Henry Head heads to the nearby Congwong Beach, then follows the clifftops south. There are optional detours to Little Congwong Beach and Browns Rocks before the track reaches the sea at Henry Head. Henry Head was the site of World War 2 fortifications, the ruins of which remain.

Heading east, the track winds its way over the sandstone cliffs to Cape Banks, a small windswept peninsula. The rusting remains of the Minmi shipwreck (1937) highlights just how treacherous this part of the coast was in the early days of shipping. The track now heads inland, past more World War 2 fortifications to the Coast Hospital Cemetery, used for the burial of patients who had succumbed to infectious diseases.

The last section of the track heads on the Jennifer Street Boardwalk, through coastal heathland, before returning to La Perouse.

Macquarie Watchtower, La Perouse