Mungo Foreshore Walk

Grade 3 Grade 3

Mungo NP, NSW
7.8 km (2 hrs )

The Mungo Foreshore Walk and Zanci Pastoral Heritage Trail is some of the best walks in Mungo National Park. Beginning at the Mungo Visitor Centre (which has some interesting displays of fossils found at Mungo), the Foreshore Walk leads you across the bluebush-covered shoreline of ancient Lake Mungo to the red dune that once formed the border of the now vanished lake. Behind the dune are the remnants of a once-extensive forest of mallee and white cypress pines, a favourite haunt of kangaroos who rest in the shade of the trees.

The walk continues north as the Zanci Pastoral Heritage Trail, leading to the Zanci Woolshed and former homestead precinct, with some interesting relics of former pastoral life. The track then loops back to the Foreshore Track and returns to Mungo. Be sure to also explore the historic Mungo Woolshed, with its displays of sheep sheering.

Mungo Meeting Place