Hyde Park Barracks

Grade 2 Grade 2

Sydney, NSW
2.5 km (1.5 hrs )

Originally built to house convicts under Governor Macquarie in 1819, Hyde Park Barracks also later served as a women’s immigration depot and asylum, and then law courts and government offices. My son and I visited the Hyde Park Barracks on rainy Saturday. We had a great time exploring the interactive displays using the supplied audio guides. My son had the children's version of the guide which also gave him access to some unique features, such as getting to try out one of the convict hammocks!

My son and I spent an hour and a half exploring the three levels of the Barracks as well as the adjacent rooms. There was a lot to see and even activities for children such as counting the rats (yes real rats) along the way. We both had a great time and recommend this museum.

Hammock Room, Hyde Park Barracks