Berowra Valley

Grade 5 Grade 5

Hornsby Heights, NSW
2.8 km (1.5 hrs )

My son and I spent an interesting Saturday morning exploring the Place of Winds interpretive trail in Berowra Valley National Park. This is a small section of the Great North Walk, a 250 km track that connects Sydney with Newcastle. Although this track has a grading of 5, the walk was fine to take my 4 year old son on. He especially like the Wise Wally owl interpretive signs along the way and would look forward to spotting the next sign along the track.

The track begins at Crosslands Reserve in Hornsby Heights and follows the banks of Berowra Creek to the Calna Creek salt marsh. The track is a combination of boardwalks and a rough and rocky track. The Crosslands Reserve is a great place to have a picnic on the completion of the walk.

Salt marsh at Calna Creek