The Rocks

Grade 3 Grade 3

Sydney, NSW
7.5 km (4.5 hrs )

My son has been enjoying visiting the numerous museums in Sydney and asked if he could visit another one. I managed to find one that we have not previously visited - The Rocks Discovery Museum.

Located in the historic The Rocks, The Rocks Discovery Museum traces the history of the people that have called Sydney home for hundreds of years. The ground floor covers the story of the Gadigal people, while the second floor has exhibits of the colonial settlement through to the present day. There is a lot of information interspersed with artefacts, pictures and some hands-on exhibits and games, which was perfect for my son.

We also took the opportunity to explore the history of the Rocks, with a tour of the sites. It was another great day out with my son.

Customs House, Circular Quay