Cook Park Cycleway

Cycling Cycling

Cronulla, NSW
27.5 km (5 hrs )

Cycling from Cronulla to Marrickville is one of the longest and nicest rides that my son and I have done. The ride was almost exclusively on dedicated or shared cycleways, making for a pleasant and safe ride.

We began our ride from Cronulla railway station, following the beaches north before turning west along Captain Cook Drive to reach Woolooware Bay Cycleway. This cycleway follows the bay to Taren Point, where we rode across Captain Cook Bridge to Sans Souci. The Cook Park Cycleway begins at the base of Captain Cook Bridge and followed the shoreline of Botany Bay to Cooks River. This was a beautiful section of our ride, with white sandy beaches and lots of parks where we had lunch and stopped for my son to play. Our last section of the ride followed the Cooks River Cycleway to Marrickville.

It was a great day out and the perfect weather made it very pleasant. While my son was not sure he would be able to make the full distance, Oreo cookies every 10 km seemed to do the trick!

Cronulla Beach