Old Helensburgh Station

Grade 2 Grade 2

Helensburgh, NSW
1.5 km (0.75 hrs )

The first train station at Helensburgh was opened in 1889. For the next 26 years, this small station, situated between two tunnels, serviced the surrounding area. The station was closed in 1925 when the line was duplicated and a new station built. The tunnels were discontinued at the same time and now are a fascinating place to explore, especially the 624 m long Metropolitan Tunnel which is home to glow worms.

The old station platform and Metropolitan Tunnel are open to explore, although the area is subject to flooding after heavy rains. When I visited, there was a quite a bit of water outside the tunnel and it was only by carefully walking on top of the railway lines that I was able to avoid getting my feet wet! Unfortunately, there were no glow worms at the time of my visit - a reason to return during the warmer months.

Old Helensburgh rail tunnel