Rail to River Walk

Grade 3 Grade 3

North Ryde, NSW
7.0 km (3 hrs )

The Rail to River Walk explores the gullies between Chatswood and the Lane Cove River. My son and I made the most of the fine weather on the public holiday to do this walk, combining it with the intriguing Fairyland Track in Lane Cove National Park.

We began our walk at North Ryde, visiting the former Fairyland Pleasure Grounds, which operated during the 1930's as a place of escape from the city. Little now remains, with the site mostly overgrown and now part of the Lane Cove National Park. From here we followed the Rail to River Walk through Ferndale Park and along the fern lined gullies, following the creeks to Chatswood.

It was a nice day out, and the lush green gullies were very beautiful, even if they were a bit muddy after all of the recent rain that we had been having!

Rail to River Walk