Parklands Track

Cycling Cycling

Leppington, NSW
30.0 km (7 hrs )

The Parklands Track is part of the 60 km of trails in the Western Sydney Parklands. This track runs from Bringelly Road in Sydney's south to the M7 motorway near Quaker's Hill in the north. My son and I did a section of this track before heading east along a series of cycleways to Fairfield.

The first section of the track was unsealed and very picturesque, but the two creek crossing proved to be a challenge. These creek crossings were ankle deep mud, and while my son had the good fortune to get a piggy back ride across, I ended up with very muddy and wet shoes! The track then followed the Upper Canal before joining the M7 cycleway. From here we stopped at Plough and Harrow, one of the parks in the Western Sydney Parklands, making use of the picnic facilities for our lunch. My son enjoyed the playground equipment, especially the human sized hamster wheel.

We next headed east on the Elizabeth Drive cycleway, before joining up with the Clear Paddock Creek Shared Path and then the Orphan School Creek Shared Path. This took us to Fairfield and to my son's delight, the Fairfield Park. This huge park is a child's dream come true, with lots of equipment and activities - definitely one of my son's favourite places that he has visited. We spent close to two hours here before calling it a day.

Fairfield Park