Mt Wondaybyne

Grade 5 Grade 5

Wondabyne, NSW
15.8 km (4.5 hrs )

I have been doing sections of the Great North Walk, an epic 250 km walk from Sydney to Newcastle. Having done all of the sections of the walk within Sydney, I took the opportunity of my Christmas holidays to venture out of Sydney for my next section of the walk, from Wondabyne to Woy Woy. While the classic route is to Patonga, the lack of public transport in this location forced me to deviate to the much more accessible (if less nice) Woy Woy.

This walk begins at Wondabyne station, the only station in NSW that is only accessible by train. The walk began from the station platform and heads up to the sandstone escarpment, before following the ridges to Mt Wondabyne. There were some very nice views of Brisbane Water from the summit, which marked the halfway point of the walk. The last section of the walk was not very nice, following the road from the landfill into town. Still, it was nice to get out and experience this section of Brisbane Water National Park.

Mt Wondabyne