Tarra-Bulga NP

Grade 3 Grade 3

Tarra-Bulga NP, VIC
3.0 km (1 hr )

I first visited Tarra-Bulga National Park as a teenager and fell in love with the place. I vividly remember the giant ferns and the lush green forest and always wanted to return. On my way down to Tasmania, I had the opportunity to return, although it was a struggle to remember what the national park was called! Thankfully I was able to pinpoint the location on a map, and the dreary overcast morning cleared to make for a wonderful day in the fern clad gullies of this national park.

I took the opportunity to revisit both the Tarra and Bulga Valleys on two short walks. Each walk was easy and very picturesque. I also very much enjoyed the Australian bush tomato sausages that I cooked on the barbecues at the Tarra-Bulga Visitor Centre.

Tarra Valley