The Pyramid

Grade 4 Grade 4

Girraween NP, QLD
3.5 km (1.5 hrs )

Girraween National Park offers some fantastic and challenging walks. Choosing which ones to do was difficult, but in the end I choose two of what I thought were the most interesting walks. The first was the climb to the summit of The Pyramid. This is quite a challenging walk, involving a long scramble up a steep rock incline to reach the summit. Going up was definitely easier than coming down, with some poor people being so afraid to come back down that they were sitting terrified near the top.

My dad and I camped overnight in the nearby Castle Rock camping area. This campground had flushing toilets and showers, shady spots, picnic tables and barbecue facilities, making it an ideal, if somewhat busy, place to camp. Camping also allowed me to climb to Castle Rock in the morning, another one of Girraween's fabulous walks.

The Pyramid