West Canungra Creek Circuit

Grade 4 Grade 4

Lamington NP, QLD
13.3 km (5 hrs )

This was by far the longest and most challenging walk that I did on the trip to Queensland with my dad. At 13.5 km, the walk is not particularly long, but it does descend over 450 m down to West Canungra Creek, before the long climb back up, crossing West Canungra Creek countless times along the way! The walk is very scenic, passing through some magnificent rainforest in the Lamington National Park, and the waterfalls towards the end of walk were spectacular.

For those with less time (but not less energy), the Box Forest Circuit takes in the best part of the walk. There are also many other tracks in the Green Hills section of Lamington National Park and one day I hope to return to do some of these.

West Canungra Creek